Thoughts on Valentine’s day

I am lucky.

I am married to the woman I love.

Our Valentine’s day today (or evening to be more precise), essentially consists of her nursing me back to health. I had dental surgery – unpleasant at the best of time – but this time I was in real agony.

I am thinking of all the souls out there who are still seeking love, of those who found it and lost it, of those who have not found it and most of all, of those who do not know they need to look for and find it.

We could have our Valentine’s day on the dark side of the moon or at a bus stop, it would not matter. We would be together.

I hope that you will find love if you have not already done so. Real love, which is a mixture of caritas, eros and philia.

Selfless love.

Passionate love.

Affectionate love.

Don’t stop looking.

Just a little kindness…

As I sit here beavering away for the man, and yes I am on a break, just in case you are wondering, I cannot help but think that we all labouring to no discernible end.

Truly, what difference do most of us make? Since that difference cannot be made in our working lives, let’s try to make a difference in our private lives. Kindness will echo through the community and society at large.

We do not have to get angry when we get cut off in traffic, we could let someone else take our seat on the bus or train, we could say ‘Good morning’ more often and mean it.

Like I said – just small things.

Here is smiling at you, babe.