Thought construct

Time to write again. I have shared with you some of the pictures I was lucky enough to take around the world. We do live in an amazing place, on an amazing planet.

In some ways we are the guy that works in an office overlooking Sydney Harbour or Central Park or the Eiffel Tower. Initially, this guy would feel fortunate to be allowed to have that view every day. He would look at it constantly and feel uplifted.

After a while he would but glance at the vista, maybe enjoy his lunch while gazing outside. A little further down the track the view would just blend in with the wallpaper and shelves next to his desk.

That guy will become blind to the unique beauty he is allowed to behold.

The amazing has become the mundane. Too much of a good thing.

This is how I think we live most of our lives. At first – as children- we explore the wonders of the cosmos. I used to watch ants (and other insects) for hours, in our backyard in Germany, as they went about their business.

I remember the smell just before and after a massive thunderstorm. I remember the taste of forest strawberries and vanilla ice blocks. The way the light came in through our red and orange curtains just before my favorite TV program would start on a Saturday afternoon in summer was magic.

Each and every day was an adventure.

Now, some 40 years later, I am a cynic and a dreamer and a stark realist.

I look at my nephews, 5 & 7, and feel gladdened by their adventures and wonder. There is hope for all of us if we can just recapture that magic, just a little of it. Watch the children, really watch them and remember how you felt and what your enchantments were.

2 thoughts on “Thought construct

  1. You are welcome! I forget quite often as well. One of the hazards of living – we become used to beauty and start to live in our very own Greyland.


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