In essence, we dwell

in darkness,

mostly unbeknownst to us

mostly accepted as the status quo


we await illumination

a light, a hint, a whipser

never fully realising

that we carry the light


between the thieves

beneath the surface


always and without fail

So, then…

why the darkness?

We accept the lie

the great lie

the only lie that matters.

As the poet said

Finnegans wake!


Will you?


Difficult to breathe

Hard to think

Form coherent thoughts

Fingers slowly moving over keys

familiar and alien

poised over letters and symbols and spaces

seeking the ones needed to express

most succinctly

The need

the feelings

slipping into…

lack of clarity?

over the ‘W’, now the ‘O’

still meaning eludes

too many thoughts, emotions

Sadness, guilt, regret, pity, shame (a little),

how to right a lifetime of actions?

how to give and receive peace?

Lost thoughts, orphaned, drift across my mind

dissolving as morning dew at dawn.

Dawn, there will always be another dawn.

I think.

Silence and anger

Keep your peace

Burning, aching, white hot anguish

violently broiling through the Id

No temperance, just will

But no release or culmination

Frustrated impotence, words, gestures

Smoke and sound

Schall und Rauch

abating, ebbing of the volatile,

diminished now


waiting to be unleashed

always present, always there

the passenger, hidden by the night

the night of my mind.