First night in Singapore.

Rain and thunder, but the rain is warm. A warm torrent. Welcome to the equator.

Dinner: La Viva -> Tapas (in the Chijmes complex)

Yes, all the way to Singapore for Tapas – LOL!

Spanish music is playing in the background of a cantina style restaurant.

Afterwards we had a surprisingly nice coffee. Jen, Phil, Adam and I chatted for some time , soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of a rain laden tropical Singapore night.



Hong Kong

Hong Kong is crowded – period. It is also amazing, Bladerunneresque, diverse, full of intense flavours and smells, not all of them pleasant, and busy – everybody is rushing. Somewhere.

The one clean spot, affording fresh air was Kowloon Park. A true oasis in a concrete jungle, even more so than Central Parn in New York or Hyde Park in London.

I will go back, simply because even though we did our best to experience all, we only scratched the surface in five days.

The Peak, The Buddha, The Harbour and so much more…ImageImage

Take your time to explore Hong Kong, walk it, taste it, smell it and let it wash over you. People are everywhere…so many people…

Look at the pics we took and feel transported, as I was transformed by being there.ImageImageImage

Lost Son

Ahoyhoy to all you folk in blog land. Apologies for not posting for such a long time, but I learned much to my chagrin that my IPAD does not play well with WordPress for some reason.

I hope that the following posts will make up for the paucity of my content of late.