Singapore – afters

After breakfast it was time for a snack. J Co doughnuts, crispy golden nuggets of sweet indulgence.

Simply delicious and the espresso was excellent. Funny thing with an espresso, the Barista has nowhere to hide. No foamy milk, cocoa powder or cinnamon dust. Just pure java. The essence of the bean, the nectar.

The next snack were crab balls – fried little morsels of savory goodness, smothered in thick sweet soy and mayonnaise. Highly recommended and ridiculously cheap.

Dinner we took in Chinatown. It was packed, noisy, turbulent and beautiful.

We had Chilli Crab, of course, it was my brother in laws first Chilli Crab, so naturally we gave him the claws. The fried little breads dipped in the chilli sauce were delectable. One must have those little fried breads otherwise it just isn’t Chilli Crab.

We also feasted on crunchy oat prawns, salted egg yolk prawn (also crispy, and a revelation for me as I had not sampled them before – my goodness – what a flavour sensation. Salty, eggy, crunchy, savory and then the freshness of the prawn) and honey roasted chicken.

Naturally, we had copious amounts of Tiger.









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