Singapore Day 3

Breakfast at the Hyatt.

Need I say more?

I have stayed in many hotels in cities all around the world over the years. The breakfast buffet at the Hyatt in Singapore is by far the best.

Peruse the pics at your leisure.






The ambiance, service and variety and quality of the food are all outstanding. Even though it is a large space, they have managed to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, intimate and exclusive even. At an extremely reasonable rate.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough – Die, die, must try!

2 thoughts on “Singapore Day 3

  1. Hi there, yes you are quite right – it is porridge, rice porridge though, which is eaten with savoury condiments, fried shallots, small pieces of fried bread, pickles and various sauces. Of course, everybody likes theirs differently.


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