Kopi Tiam – the next day

Love the traditional Singaporean breakfast. It’s cheap and delicious. Something funny happened though on this occasion.

As I am a largish Caucasian, the lady that was serving at the counter initially refused to give me the soft boiled egg, insisting I would not like it. I tried to explain that I had had it many times and am quite fond of it.

Lucky for me, a compassionate Singaporean standing in line behind me explained to the lady behind the counter in Chinese that the large white man in front of him, did indeed want the soft boiled egg. Owing to his intervention I soon walked away happily with my Set A.

I would like to thank my anonymous benefactor. Without you I might not have been able to secure one of my favourite breakfast meals that day.



Dinner in Singapore

We ate at Vivo City, upstairs in Foodrepublic. If you have not been to a Foodrepublic, you must go! The variety is excellent and the quality is superb. It is sort of Hawker Food for beginners. After Foodrepublic venture out and sample the street food all around Singapore.

I have been eating in Singapore on many trips over the years and not once did I get ill or encounter bad food.

This particular night I enjoyed some very local morsels…




Live long and prosper! (Spoiler alert – do not read if you have not watched Into Darkness)

Yes (surprise, surprise), I am a Trekker, not the derisive and belittling Trekkie, but a dyed-in-the-wool, self-proclaimed, die hard Trekker.

Starfleet, come and sign me up.

On that note, the much dreaded reboot of the franchise did not suck, nor did the sequel – the lovingly crafted Into Darkness, with many a nod to people like me, referencing constantly the almost infinite Star Trek Universe.

My brother astutely observed that the new Trek movies are following the pattern of the old ones. So, this installment really was the Wrath of Khan – and what a Khan we now have!

(In case you were wondering, the actor portraying Khan is also portraying Sherlock Holmes in the British modernisation of Doyle’s classic.)

My favourite scene in the movie was Spock crying out:” KHAAAAAAAN!” Much like Kirk did in the original Wrath of Khan, and then having Kirk expire. After all, it is new timeline.

What is next then? The search for Kirk? Well, no, as Kirk was not jettisoned into a planet that was just about to undergo Genesis. Hmmm, maybe Khan’s blood alters Kirk and it will be -> The search for Kirk, the Freudian vector, with our protagonist spending hours on the couch searching for his true self.

Probably not though.

One thing is for certain, I am enjoying the new franchise and look forward to the next installment of a future I hope humanity will have.

Singapore Day 3

Breakfast at the Hyatt.

Need I say more?

I have stayed in many hotels in cities all around the world over the years. The breakfast buffet at the Hyatt in Singapore is by far the best.

Peruse the pics at your leisure.






The ambiance, service and variety and quality of the food are all outstanding. Even though it is a large space, they have managed to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, intimate and exclusive even. At an extremely reasonable rate.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough – Die, die, must try!

Singapore – afters

After breakfast it was time for a snack. J Co doughnuts, crispy golden nuggets of sweet indulgence.

Simply delicious and the espresso was excellent. Funny thing with an espresso, the Barista has nowhere to hide. No foamy milk, cocoa powder or cinnamon dust. Just pure java. The essence of the bean, the nectar.

The next snack were crab balls – fried little morsels of savory goodness, smothered in thick sweet soy and mayonnaise. Highly recommended and ridiculously cheap.

Dinner we took in Chinatown. It was packed, noisy, turbulent and beautiful.

We had Chilli Crab, of course, it was my brother in laws first Chilli Crab, so naturally we gave him the claws. The fried little breads dipped in the chilli sauce were delectable. One must have those little fried breads otherwise it just isn’t Chilli Crab.

We also feasted on crunchy oat prawns, salted egg yolk prawn (also crispy, and a revelation for me as I had not sampled them before – my goodness – what a flavour sensation. Salty, eggy, crunchy, savory and then the freshness of the prawn) and honey roasted chicken.

Naturally, we had copious amounts of Tiger.









Singapore Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel.

The entire hotel seems to be stuck in the twillight zone, straddling the space between the 70s and the 80s.

Unless, of course, it was meant to be retro-chic.

Well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.




The rice porridge,and condiments – pickles, century egg, fried shallots etc – were delicious.

Coffee came out of a machine – with very little human intervention – Verdict: Atrocious.


Flight, soaring through rushing strato vales and nimbus peaks

Elation beyond all comprehension

Leaves you


Wanting more – the rush gone too soon

heart beating catching up to readjusted reality

How to live now in anonymous monotony?

How to exist in grey silence?

Once tasted technicolor life is the only fruit


First night in Singapore.

Rain and thunder, but the rain is warm. A warm torrent. Welcome to the equator.

Dinner: La Viva -> Tapas (in the Chijmes complex)

Yes, all the way to Singapore for Tapas – LOL!

Spanish music is playing in the background of a cantina style restaurant.

Afterwards we had a surprisingly nice coffee. Jen, Phil, Adam and I chatted for some time , soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of a rain laden tropical Singapore night.